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Building a Business that Works Not the Other Way

Payment ends 22, September 2020 or anytime 20 People has registered to allow us plan for participants


Yours is an idea or it a Start-up Business?

This training is designed specifically for you. All you need to know is that, there is NO business or idea that can't yield profit but what will works for Business A may not work for Business B, and what will work for certain business may not work for other business because every business has different strategies and approach which can only be discovered through their Diagnosis. I know you want to know more about what a BUSINESS DIAGNOSIS is? But before we do, let's reveal to you why this training is very important to your business or whatever you are doing legally to make money.

Why Do We Organize this Training?

Recently, if you follow the media; Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo warn that 39.4m people may lose jobs to COVID-19 before the end of 2020VP SAID….Pandemic cuts N185b from monthly earnings His panel also warned that millions of other citizens might fall into extreme poverty before the coronavirus pandemic ends, as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) slides to between minus 4.40 per cent and minus 8.91 per cent. The impact of this, is already here as you can see the Naira is falling against the dollar, as at this day: August, 23, 2020, a dollar is 445 naira. 

This is a major concern because this is a swift change from the norm and many business has start feeling that impact, most companies are shutdown, some are in debit and some have layed off many staffs…If you ask me, I will say it is the survival of the fitness.

Another major concern is for people who can’t afford to feed if they don’t go out to work but now… most company had layoff many of their staffs…Think of how hard it will be for private school teachers who doesn’t have any other sources of income…

 Plus most of this people don’t have ‘’the opportunity’’ of the power of digitalization like some of us do.  

 And the best thing that will ever happen to you or your business now is to engage the power of Digitalization and activate your business with its algorithm…believe me many businesses that took this opportunity on the horn are still making money and prospering. And to surprise you, this business are not the big names you know, they are businesses from someone like you and me but they took advantage of several opportunities that will be discussed a few in this page but at large in the training.This training is for 2-Days and it an offline (one-on-one) 100% Practical training for only 20 people. 

Here is the reason why, because the first day will be to diagnose your idea or business and the second day will be to implement the result of the diagnosis test for your business. We make it offline because one-on-one learning method is the best way of learning for training that involves practical implementation and quick understanding.

We also believe you have a question that has been personal to you and your business like How do I scale through in business by making more sales in critical situation...The training is just all about your business & nothing more.

Before you make that decision to join this training, scroll down to see our facilitators and let's talk more about What a Business Diagnosis is? Because we know is not clear to you yet.

Meet THE host - our instructor & facilitator

Host: Abiola Damilola

Founder: TextExpress Group - A Business Developer, Innovator, Programmer, Digital Marketer and Internet Entrepreneur

Host: Gideon Dayo

Co-Founder: TextExpress Group - Brand Curator, UI/UX Designer, Content Developer, Digital Marketer and Digital Entrepreneur

Training Date & Time:

Thurs 1st - 2nd Friday

October 2020. 

Starting 9AM Prompt Everyday

Training Venue:

16, Sun Glee Close, Kolawole Agboola Street, Adjacent Mayfair Gardens, Lekk/Epe Expressway, Awoyaya, Lekki.

Training Fee:


Payment ends 22, September 2020 or anytime 20 People has registered

to allow us plan for participants

Do my business need diagnosis?

Yes! Every business need a diagnosis test because many business owners and entrepreneurs often act by putting out fires. The feeling is that problems are being solved. But as time passes, the pile of problems only increases. This is because a business diagnosis was not done before. It would help the owner or manager to know where to focus before starting to run.

What is business diagnosis?

Business diagnosis is a methodology of business or niche valuation that allows an in-depth analysis of the main areas of management of a business. With a deeper understanding of the niche or business, it is possible to solve problems in a practical way and directed to what really matters and without spending time on little relevant items.

It Benefits to Your Business

  • Understand which areas are most important to your business - not everyone realizes this, but each business or niche has more important areas and, depending on this importance, it must create action plans and strategies based on what is most important.
  • Compare your current performance - There are usually two very useful comparisons here, with your minimum recommended performance and the minimum you want. The ideal is that you are always above both, but understanding each of these levels can direct what needs more attention and what can wait a little longer.
  • Discover the degree of maturity of your company - understand if you are on a very amateur level or if you are already mature enough to pursue new goals. This understanding can greatly help in establishing business strategies and purpose.
  • Understand what needs to be done and where - just knowing the overall performance of your niche or business may not be enough, but with the business diagnosis it is possible to know exactly where the errors are and what your company is failing to do to reach a new management level.

on this training

You'll learn about...

Niche Market Discovery: Finding a paying niche, and then creating content, products, and services for that niche, is the best way for you to build a solid foundation for a successful business. It is also the best way to achieve the level of success and kind of profits that most business owners need to make their efforts worthwhile.

How to Create a Sales Strategy for your Product and Service: Every business needs sales strategies and initiatives. Moreover, a strong sales strategy plan creates the foundation for a cohesive, successful sales business. Sales strategies and initiatives also align salespeople on shared goals and empower them to do their best work — keeping them happy and successful, too.  

Business Digitalization: If you agree with me, not all business in Nigeria are actually digitalized, many believe having a website, a social media handles that is all. Digitalization is when you use digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Digitalizing your business can give you a competitive advantage by doing things better, faster, and cheaper than your competition

Creating ROI Website that works for your Business: Your website is the foundation of all your online marketing. All your other efforts online drive people to it. It’s the hub that generates leads that result in sales. So, you spend months and thousands on a new website, and it looks great! But, was it worth it? Is that fancy new website really working, or is that old website still working? Is there any way to know? Sure there is – and it’s easier than you think. We’ll walk you through how to create a website that bring sales and ways to measure the ROI (Return-On-Investment)

Creating a High Converting Social Presence: 

In fact, the number one challenge of brands in 2019 is aligning their social strategy with their business goals. If you’re struggling for an ROI or want to generate more customers from social media, you need to look at your social conversion strategy. In this session of the training, We will cover the specific tactics and tools necessary to boost your social media conversion rate. These can help create more social customers no matter what stage they’re currently at within your marketing funnel.

Setting Up an Email Marketing System for Your Business:

Is email marketing dead? With all the talk of video, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and chatbots, it sometimes seems like email is long past its prime. But if you think email is dead, you’re missing out on the real metrics. The truth? Email marketing is still going strong today, and is possibly the best possible strategy for your business. The proof? Based on 2018 data, email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

Creating your own Business Graphics: Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, come across some gorgeous business graphics (hello, Rifle Paper Company!), and thought to yourself: “I could never do that. I just don’t have the design eye”? While most people may be able to spot good design and bad design, few know exactly what makes some graphics more visually appealing than others. And for that reason, they don’t think they have a “design eye.”In this session of the training you will learn all that has to do with business graphics and you will create your own business graphics. 

Sales Traffic Generation (using Automated Marketing Tools): Marketing is important to your business. But as customers evolve, so does the unpredictable marketing landscape. This means you’re likely spending more and more time trying to keepup with the latest tips and trends. And that’s wasting your precious time that you could use for other tasks.

But what if there was a way to simplify? Or automate? And I’m not just talking about emails. Luckily for you, in this the training you learn how to use the best marketing automation tools with countless features and automated workflows that will make marketing less of a headache.

Creating Content Offer System:

Inbound marketing is a tremendously effective, modern way of generating leads and customers for many businesses across the world. Unlike outbound marketing, with inbound marketing, you don’t need to fight for your potential customers’ attention. By creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers, you attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your business. One of the most fundamentally important elements of an inbound marketing campaign is the content offer. A content offer is a foundational piece of an inbound program that works to attract interest, convert interested users into leads, and nurture leads into sales opportunities.

Content Marketing: 

I bet that when you hear “content marketing,” you think about blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and viral YouTube videos. But content marketing has been around far longer than the Internet. Why?

Because content marketing is all about storytelling, and humans have told stories for as long as they could speak. Our attention will always go to those who tell great stories. How is that been use to market a product? A lot has changed since then, and what worked back in the 80s won’t necessarily work today.  However, with new marketing channels like social media popping up almost daily, opportunity is knocking.

Ad Placement: The places where you can run your ads are called Placements. Depending on the objective you choose when you create your campaign, your ads can appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. 

Are you wondering which Facebook ad placements you should choose? Looking for some guidance to improve your ad performance? In this training, you’ll find solution to all of Facebook’s advertising placements and discover how to edit your placements to deliver the best results for your campaign.


WhatsApp Business Marketing: 

The SMS-based platform, has more users than Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest combined. They passed the one billion user mark this year, reaching every corner of the world (except Antarctica, but c’mon). Not only that, but it’s kicking the ever-living life out of email. Email marketing is crucial, but think about this for a second: What’s your highest open rate? 35%? 40%? Yeah. The average SMS text has a 98% open rate. That makes WhatsApp the most engaging marketing channel on the planet. We’re talking about a platform that is literally taking the world by storm. A high-reach, high-engagement platform that hit 450 million monthly active users faster than any company in existence.

Follow Up Email Creation (Effective Auto-responder): 

Email autoresponders are the holy grail of marketing. You set up a sequence of emails once, and you’re done. Thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of people will get exactly the same emails from you, in the same order. This allows you to create an unbelievably consistent level of service.

Perhaps the most underrated benefit of autoresponders is that they exist within email marketing, the most profitable channel of marketing. In this training you will learn ways to efficient and effective communication with your email subscribers. 

Mail Management & Engagement: Emails are distracting. If you are an active professional, chances are you are used to checking your mail every few minutes or distracted from whatever task you are doing by the telltale ping of an email notification.
The good news, you are not alone in this predicament. Most employees check their inboxes at least 11 times a day and some of them check it even more. The bad news, this is a distracting time-suck of a habit that offers nothing by way of productivity.
Fortunately though, in this training we will teach few unknown ways to help you manage your overflowing inbox better.


How to get payment for your service or product anywhere: 

It's everything you need to know to get paid for your products and services anywhere in the world. We will cover several payment gateways, look at their distinctive features, explain transaction types, and guide you on how to integrate a payment gateway into a website. A payment gateway processes credit cards at online and offline stores. It transfers the key information between websites/mobile devices and payment processors/banks, and vice versa.

Other Rare Benefits You Stand to Gain are:

Free Lunch:

As a way to get you not bored about what to eat at every lunch time, there will be free refreshment for all to get everyone refuelled.

Training Certification:

At the end of the training, you will be issued Business Digitalization and Development Certificate.

Free Brainstorming Session:

One of the reason we take only 20 people for this training, is to allow every participant to have a free brainstorm session with our experts to ask questions that has been personal to them and their business.

Free WhatsApp Business Marketing Tools:

We will give 3-Months Free license of our whatsapp business marketing tool application developed and built by TextExpress to all participant. This will allows their business to easily interact with customers by using the tool to automate, sort, respond and send bulk marketing messages to their audience. 

Free Domain Registration:

Do you need a new online business in the last quater of 2020? If you do, then you’ll need to register a domain name. The first step towards building your brand is to find a good domain name and register it. We will be registering a new domain name of your choice for free and this is a bonus for all participants. Our experts will get you a name that suit your idea.

Access to Our Content Resources:

All participant will be granted access to our Content resources and templates that they can use base on their business to convert high sales conversion from any of their business platforms.

Access to Our Mentorship Platform:

Our Mentorship Platform (BoastarBrain) helps to share knowledge and ideas, and aids less experienced members in gaining expertise and building a professional business in their niche sphere. As a registered participant for this training, you are automatically qualify to join our mentorship network

Free Access to Our Businss Tools

Running a business required a lot of work, commitment, detailed planning and a great amount of effort. In this tech-driven world, there are many tools to increase efficiency and save time on daily tasks. We will be granting you access to the tools we have used to grow our busines that you can also use to grow your own business. 

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Reserve your seat now and join us at the training venue. If you really want to learn new ways to grow your business and scale to the next level, you must not miss this offer... The training is 100% interractive practical class and that is why we limit the number of attendee to 20, so it can be conducive and accomodate one-one-on brainstorming (a person per session). 

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Payment ends 22, September 2020 or anytime 20 People has registered low us plan for participants

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